Quality Management System

With Quartz you can manage all your Quality forms and processes. There are no modules.
Create, manage, and report on as many forms as you need without incurring any extra costs.

Non Conformance Reports

However you define or consider a non conformance, whether it be a manufacturing defect, a documentation error, or procedural failure with Quartz you can easily record the information, setup workflow to route it to the proper person or team for assessment and determination of proper disposition.

Calibration Records

Accurate calibration of your instruments is an integral part of operations. Quartz can automatically send out notification to the responsible person(s) when instruments are coming due for calibration. Quartz also provides a way to track who did the calibration, when it was conducted, and attach any associated documentation.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t let your equipment down and chances are it won’t let you down. Quartz will notify the responsible person(s) at predetermined frequencies when preventative maintenance tasks are required to be completed. When they are completed, quickly record what maintenance was done and create a comprehensive equipment maintenance record that can be quickly referenced to demonstrate compliance.

Supplier Tracking & Assessment

In addition to providing a way to capture and access supplier contact information, Quartz will show you which suppliers have been the cause of non conformance. Should you have a supplier that causes you problems, use Quartz to assess new suppliers according to your criteria.

Risk Assessment

Assessing and mitigating risk is an important component of ISO 9001. Quartz has a defined process configured by ISO 9001 experts to help you determine if projects or contracts should be taken on or not based on the assessment.

Audit Management

Use Quartz to plan and assign internal, customer, and supplier audits. Link resulting non conformances and assign corrective action to address issues. Then in a month’s time quickly review the status level of corrective actions linked to the audits.

Corrective Actions

Initiating and implementing corrective action brings positive changes to an organization. With Quartz, record and assign corrective action, track implementation and completion, and remind assignees when completion dates are missed.

Engineering Change Orders

Quartz manages your engineering change order process by documenting changes, tracking the product or part the change applies to, and manages the workflow for change approval and review.

Customer Complaints

Ensure customer complaints are tracked and all required information is recorded. Then, notify necessary the appropriate account managers for further assessment and root cause analysis. Then ensure corrective action is put in place to address the issue so the issue does not reoccur.

Document Control

Quartz provides a place for all your company documentation, gives users access to search and find documentation easily, and adds context to documentation with version control and history.

Training Tracking

With Quartz create employee training profiles by adding training roles that define mandatory and optional training topics. Track training records that include important dates and supporting files. Quartz will report when training is expiring, employee training compliance, and company training compliance.

Asset Management

Quartz keeps a list of all your asset and allows users to quickly view any type of record associated with that asset, such as inspection, calibration, and maintenance records. Quartz also has the option to automatically notify users when scheduled activities are required.